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What to Look For in a Casting Facility

September 5, 2016

So you're about to hold a casting session- but what should you look for?  What are the most important amenities that can help your casting session run smoothly?  


Believe it or not, having a large casting room during your session isn't the "be-all, end-all" for casting.  There are a number of other amenities that you'll need to increase efficiency.  Here are just a few:  


*Electronic Sign In-


Having a clip board with a blank white sheet of paper outside of your casting room can sometimes do the trick- but what happens when you can't read someone's handwriting, and can't decipher their name of their email address?  Furthermore, what happens if you lose the one sheet of paper that contains all of the data from your casting session?  It's the 21rst century, and it's time to start using electronic sign in for your sessions.  Electronic sign in (typically in the form of a tablet mounted on a wall outside of a casting room) allows the casting facility to email you the names of the actors immediately after your session, prevents any deciphering issues, and can be easily retrieved electronically if you lose your hard copy.  


*Quality Audition Cameras


When filming in a casting room, make sure you're shooting on at least 720DP resolution, and preferably 1080DP.  Having a clear picture in the casting room ensures that you'll be able to see the faces and expressions of your actors during video playback. 


*A Large Lobby


If your casting session gets a bit backed up, actors will get impatient and leave.  Moreover, it's always important for your actors to be comfortable before they enter the casting room, and perhaps even have the ability to "walk and talk" as they recite their sides before called in.  Providing these basic comforts can drastically improve the quality of performances you'll receive during your casting session.  


*Good Lighting


This sort of goes without saying- but what exactly constitutes good lighting?  What should you look for?  Mostly, you'll want to make sure that the casting facility that you're choosing doesn't just have basic overhead lighting installed in their ceiling, but that they also have soft-box lights that can be trained upon each actor to provide a spotlight effect on all of your audition subjects.  


*Friendly Staff


Having a friendly, attentive staff that can quickly whisk into your room to replace a busted bulb, or reset a camera is perhaps the most important element to scrutinize in a casting facility.  Conversely, the inability to repair lights, or log into software can cause huge delays and create a back-log of actors waiting in the lobby.  


These are just a few amenities you should look for in your casting facility.  For more information contact us at: and we'll do you best to answer your questions!  

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