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Tips to Get Actors to Turn Out

October 24, 2016

Let's say you're a filmmaker, and you've just posted your breakdown on a couple of casting websites.  And on the day that you book your casting room, your goal is to get as many actors as possible to turn out to ensure that you have the maximum number of choices possible to choose the perfect actor for your roles.  


As a filmmaker, there are a number of pro-active things you can do to make your project look more appealing to actors to ensure a high turn-out to your casting room on the day that you cast your project.  Here are just a few:  


1.  Make sure your character breakdowns are written in a descriptive manner; don't write the synopsis of the plot in your breakdowns.  Focus on the actual character traits of the role itself.  Is your character charming? Despicable? Paranoid?  Saintly?  It's more important to describe the character of each and every role in the breakdown.  Save the synopsis for the "project description" field, and make sure each role is written in a highly descriptive manner. 


2.  Schedule multiple days for casting.  Like the rest of us, actors work, and many of them have day jobs, but have selectively set aside a few days in the week to audition.  Scheduling multiple days for casting increases the chances of them coming in to audition on their off-day.  


3.  Make Sure Your Sides Look Professional.  What does this mean?  Professional sides are posted in PDF form, and follow very specific script formatting guidelines that indicate that the writer/filmmaker has experience and know what they are doing.  Sides that are awkwardly spaced or filled with grammatically errors typically indicate that the filmmaker is not experienced.  


4.  Schedule your session in a reputable casting facility.  Holding casting sessions in a strange place (The YMCA, the back room of a restaurant) spooks actors out, and sends a message that you're really not that serious about your production.  Be sure to book your session in a real casting facility. 


These are just a few tips for getting actors to turn out to your casting session. 



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